Winter at Bessheim

Winter at Bessheim.With its varied landscape and stable snow conditions, Bessheim is a perfect base for winter activities. We can offer prepared and marked ski tracks in a variety of terrain from upland forest to mountain tops. Amongst the local peaks we can mention Besshø and Nautgardstind (both just over at 7400 feet) and Heimdalshø at 6036 feet.

Skiing – cross country

We prepare cross-country tracks with snow scooters and track layers from the time we open around 1 February.  The tracks connect the various tourist organisations in the Sjodalen Valley and are maintained until after Easter. There are also many sticked tracks in our area. These tracks have not been mechanically prepared.

Map of ski tracks in Sjodalen
Map of ski tracks in the Lemonsjø area.

Peaks over 6500 feet

  • Besshø (7408 feet)
    Follow sticked track to Bessvatnet Lake. Continue straight on under the steep mountainside, to the right of Bessheimrundhø. Turn left and westwards up rising ground behind Bukkehø and over a marked moraine ridge. Turn right on the moraine ridge so that you maintain your height in towards the glacier. Head diagonally up the glacier towards the left, crossing it diagonally up onto a narrow ridge. From there it is steep up to the top. It is usually preferable to go all the way up on skis. Be careful on the way down. Besshø has precipitous drops on all sides.  6-8 hours depending on conditions and fitness. We advise against walking to Besshø in the summer due to avalanche danger.
  • Nautgardstinden Peak (7405 feet)
    See summer trips. 6-7 hours.
  • Heimdalshø (6036 feet)
    This is the mountain that Bessheim guests share with the Norwegian Royal Family, who usually spend Easter at the Prinsehytta Cabin in Sikkilsdalen. It happens less frequently now, but in earlier times enthusiastic guests have returned after meeting members of the Royal Family at the top of Heimdalshø. The whole route is visible from the grounds of Bessheim. Heimdalshø has an open location and the sun is visible for an unusually long period. Follow the sticked route across upper Sjodalen towards Brurskaret. Crossing towards Gåpåpiggen, head straight up and to the right of a small canyon. Go to the top either to the right and head for the highest point or into the steep-sided valley to the left of the peak.  4-5 hours

Hunting game

You can hunt here in the winter, with good stocks of grouse, hare and orrfugl. As these are Crown lands the prices of hunting permits are reasonable. The season is from 15 September or 1 March every year. If you want to hunt in January you can rent self-catering cabins.  We open at the beginning of February.


Ice fishing

Ice fishing is good in Øvre Sjodalsvatnet Lake, which is right on the doorstep. In good weather, ice fishing is both exciting and pleasant. The lakes around us contain trout. This is good fish, and you can catch examples weighing up towards a kilo. This is an activity suited to people of all ages, and you don’t need to be particularly fit to manage to fish!

Things that are useful to take when ice fishing:

  • A drill to make a hole in the ice
  • Fishing rod + line + hooks
  • Net
  • Knife
  • Bag for the fish
  • Maggots
  • Something to sit on
  • Good clothing
  • Food and drink

If you don’t wish to buy fishing tackle we hire it out at Bessheim.


Snow-shoe walking
A walk with snow shoes can be a good alternative if you’d like to do something other than skiing one day. We hire out light and modern snow shoes which are good to use. These shoes are most suited to fairly steep slopes, and it is a good idea to use ski poles together with the shoes. 


Easter at Bessheim

We have a good and varied Easter programme for our guests here at Bessheim. There’s something for all tastes; fun and games for the children, ski trips for the adults. 
See our separate Easter programme for detailed information about this Easter.

• Easter ski event
• quiz
• ski trips
• sledging
• fun and games
• barbeque
• ice fishing

Other winter activities

For organised trips and guided trips we have a collaboration agreement with the firm Naturopplevingar.

• ice fishing
• ice canyoning
• shoe-shoe walks
• ice climbing


Lemonsjøen Alpine Centre

It is 35 km to Jotunheimen Lemonsjø Alpine Centre, where you will find downhill slopes, half-pipe and many large jumps. The ski lift is 1400 metres long and there is a height difference of 380 metres. There is also a children’s lift, ski hire, snow rafting and a warm room with shop. For prices and opening times, see Lemonsjø Alpinsenter.
Enjoy a day on the alpine slopes!

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