Tours and activities in Jotunheimen

Bessheim is located in Sjodalen in Jotunheimen. At its highest point you tower 970 meters above sea level, and right next to the tree line. You have a diverse number of hiking destinations, everything from light short hikes to longer demanding hikes to some of the highest mountains in the country. It’s a 10-minute drive to Valdresflya, which lies 1400m above sea level. If you walk from Bessheim up to Bessvatnet, you’ll reach the border to Jotunheimen Nationalpark. From here you get a splendid view of the majestic Besshø at 2258 MASL. At the other side of Øvre-Sjodalsvatne you are looking at Sikkidalshø and Heimdalshø, that also are ideal hikes. At Bessheim you can take hikes both summer and winter. You´re welcome to ask for hiking tips!

On this page, you will find tour tips for short and longer journeys in the area. Here you can find new ideas for hiking destinations, however the list is not complete. You can find more detailed information at other websites, tour books, and maps to be well prepared for your hike. The most ideal time of the year for 2000 meter hikes is from late June into September. During June, there is usually too much snow near the mountain tops, but this varies from year to year.

From the day, we open our doors in February until after Easter we prepare marked ski tracks here in Sjodalen. The skiing tracks go between the businesses located here, and are created using snowmobiles. A number of the tracks are marked to make it easier to follow the trail. See for more information. Several tracks higher up the mountain will also be marked, among them Brurskarsknappen, across Besstrondfjellet and towards Leirungsdalen. In the time around Easter, Vågå Red Cross make a great effort to mark the trails in Jotunheimen that go to among others Memurubu, Glitterheim and Gjendebu.

Bicycling in the National park kingdom

There are multiple locations in Gudbrandsdalen very suitable for bicycling, and rental bikes are available most places. The bicycle offers include regular bikes, fatbike, downhill with more. You can rent bikes at Gjendeheim at

Jotunheimen Haute Route

Bessheim is a good starting point for hiking Jotunheimen Haute Route on skiis. We have free parking for your car while you take the spectacular hike through the heart of Jotunheimen. If you need a returning transport to Bessheim, contact Jotunheimen Tourbuses, or request a ride from the taxi in Vågå or Lom. Jotunheimen Tourbuses can be reached through email on

Hunting and Fishing

Many people visit Sjodalen to fish mountain trout, and also to hunt grouse and rabbits. Vågå mountain administration has a useful webpage with a lot good information. Take a look at