Roundtrip to Bessvatnet and Gjende


The trail starts at Bessheim, leading you up the slope behind the buildings. The path is well marked
and heavily used. It is steep at places but never difficult. After ascending 400 vertical meters you
reach the lake Bessvatnet, at 1373 MASL. An adult walk up in one hour. Cross the bridge and follow
the trail (see signposts) to Gjendesheim. An adult spends another hour to get to Gjende. There are
open cafe’s both at Gjendesheim and down by the boat. Find the path to Bessheim going over
Gjendehalsen, going steep up in the start, but not nearly as high as you were at Bessvatnet. Then
downhill back to Bessheim. Note that the last few hundred meters are done on the road, because
you must cross the bridge on the road.

Follow the marked trail towards Glitterheim up to lake Bessvatnet. Turn and take the marked trail to
Gjendesheim. Turn again and take the prepared trail to Bessheim.