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Bessheim is conveniently placed in the mountains between Valdres and Gudbrandsdalen along the county road 51 across Valdresflya. The distance from Oslo through Gudbrandsdalen is 340 km, and  250 km via Fagernes and Beitostølen. From Trondheim it is 310 km, and from Bergen it is 360 km through Lærdal and Beitosølen. It is accessible all year by road from Sjoa and Vågå.

Please note Remember every winter between December 15th and March 31st the county road 51 Valdresflya between Beitostølen and Bessheim is closed. If you plan a visit in this period you have to use the road E6 to Sjoa, Sjoa is cituated 10km south of Otta. From Sjoa up to Bessheim there is a distance of 62km. The road leads through Heidal. After 32km you reach Randsverk. From there you enter the road 51 to the left in the crossroad, continue towards Sjodalen until you reach Bessheim.

Bessheim lies right next to the road. From the time Valdresflya opens March 21st until May 17th, the road is closed by night between 20:00 and 08:00. The same is usually the case late November and early December.

It is best to visit us by car due the public transport is not very extensive in this area.


During the summer season, you can take the bus from Otta and Vågå to Bessheim. You can find the bus schedule at

Many guests who want to visit Jotunheimen use the Valdresekspressen by Fagernes and Beitostølen to get to the mountains. These bus routes go by Gjende and Lom all the way to Leirvassbu. Take a look at Nor-way bussekspress to see the schedules or

Bus from Oslo, you can see


If you go by train to the Nord-Gudbrandsdal and Jotunheimen National Park, the train stop at Otta station. So do trains from Åndalsnes, Trondheim and Oslo. See

Closest airport

The closest airport is Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The distance is 250km by Beitostølen and Fagernes. If you drive the E6 through Gudbrandsdalen the distance is 300km.

Bus groups

If you are in charge of a small or large group in need of transportation, Jotunheimen tour bus, is a good alternative. The tour busses are managed by Hans Magne Ramen. The homepage is and the email address is 

National tourist roads

Bessheim is cituated close to the county road 51 across Valdresflya. Valdresflya is one of 18 national tourist roads in Norway. Driving across Valdresflya is an extraordinary experience both summer and winter in all types of weather. During the spring and summer, you often see reindeers from Vågå Tamrein AS along the road. Read more at