This happens at Bessheim

Most people who visit Bessheim and Jotunheimen come to hike or go skiing, and many come for an enjoyable food experience, but there are also many other things to do here all year. For example, guided tours, rafting at Sjoa, Dog mushing, climbing, bicycling, visiting Glittersjå mountain lodge or one of our fine churches, and so on! During Easter and autumn break we offer an extensive program with lectures, guided tours and a lot of great food.

In the mountain area around us the reindeer belonging to Vågå Tamrein AS roam free. This company belongs to the people from Vågå municipality. They have herd of reindeer who give birth in the spring, and four full time reindeer herders. Ola and Tom who you might have seen on the norwegian television show “Gjeterar i Jotunheimen” on NRK, run the company Jotunheimen Rein. They take guests on tours, sledging, and to see the reindeer herds when possible during the year. For more information visit their Facebook page.

National park kingdom

Plan your journey to Nord-Gudbransdalen. Here you can find information on other tourist businesses in Vågå, Lom, Skjåk, Dovre, and Sel. This region offers great food experiences, exiting activities and a lot of great mountain hikes. Here you can find answers to practical questions and other relevant information. Read more at

Dog mushing

Dog mushing is a popular winter season activity, and hikes are arranged as long as there is snow and the trail conditions allow for it. The season lasts from January – April. This is an activity suitable for both adults and children, and we offer both short and longer trips. Read more at

Jotunheimen reindeer festival

Beautiful Sjodalen in Jotunheimen is the kingdom of the reindeer – a special mountain valley filled with unique commodities such as food traditions, cultural history and lively activities related to reindeers. Through all seasons the mountain lodges in Sjodalen offer in cooperation with the Gjende boat a unique experiences with reindeer as the main attraction. You are welcome to enjoy reindeer food, reindeer experiences and reindeer tour pleasures – in short reindeer enjoyment at the gates to Gjende, Besseggen and Valdresflya. Read more at;