Norwegian, traditional food

At Bessheim we serve norwegian, traditional food. We like to serve reindeer meat from Vågå Tamrein AS, deer and moose from local hunters, and mountain trout from the many good fishing waters in Jotunheimen. Every morning there is a breakfast buffet where guests can make their own lunch to bring along to the mountain hike.

During the day we serve dinner from the a la carte menu, and during the evening, from 18.30 – 20.30, we serve a three-course dinner. Please order in advance. 

We serve wine from the local wine importers Bertel & Martens, and the local brewed beer Høgruta from Lom bryggeri. We serve beer, wine, and liquor at Bessheim. Hubertus brewery at Dovre even made a beer for us called Besseggøl.

We serve meals for guests with allergies, but please let us know beforehand.

Three course menu summer 2020 – from June 12 – August 16.


Menu from Christine Storm Munchs cookbook – Edvard Munchs great grandmother.

Our selection of cured fish and vegetables

 You select between filet of lamb and cod, fresh from the sea

 Lemon tart


Fish soup

Steak of deer with baked potatoes and sauce

Crème Brullèe


Buffet with cold and warm dishes and desserts.

Some exiting tastes of local food – reindeer, moose, deer and mountain trout


Today’s soup

Veal with mushroom stew, vegetables and potatoes

Seasonal dessert


Game soup (moose, reindeer and deer)

Today’s fish with fresh vegetables and potatoes

Chocolate dessert


Buffet with cold and warm dishes and dessert.

Some exiting tastes of local food – reindeer, moose, deer and mountain trout


Today’s fish with hollandaise and julienne vegetables

Reindeer meat from Vågå Tamrein AS

Homemade caramel pudding

All starters are served with fresh bread and butter

Wine package of 3 glasses: 270 kroner per person

Our three course menu is at 420 kroner. The three course dinner is included in the half-pension. The menu is served 18:30 – 20:30 p.m. each day from June 12 – August 16. Enjoy your meal.

Educational organization Brimi-Kjøken

The Educational organization Brimi-Kitchen is a collaboration between many foodservice businesses in Vågå, Lom, and Sel. Every business has one or more chef apprentices. Here at Bessheim we currently have Lisbeth and Oscar. Marcus begins in July. Marit and Heidi who are chefs here now got their degrees in 2016. From time to time our chef apprentices go out on excursions, courses, trips and on “Arnedag” with Arne Brimi at his dinning establishment, Vianvang. The apprentices and the business owners both regularly travel together for inspiration and to learn new things from the food world. You cn read more about Brimi-kitchen educational office here.

Vågå Tamrein AS

Here at Bessheim we offer meat from Vågå Tamrein AS. The tame reindeer roams free outside all year long and eats what it finds in the mountain. Four people look after the 2400 reindeers for a living, and bring them in for butchering twice a year. Vågå Tamrein AS have been active in Jotunheimen since 1942. If you wish to read more about this see