Besseggen is one of the most popular mountain hikes in the country. Most people who hike Besseggen take the Gjendeboat to Memurubu and walk back. But you can just as well do it the other way around. Do you plan to walk Besseggen this summer? If so you must preorder a ticket for the Gjendeboat at 

The Gjendeboat and the other tourist businesses her at Sjodalen have a collaborative web page with trip information on Besseggen. Here you can find a lot of good travel suggestions. Read more about Besseggen at

An alternative route is to hike from Bessheim, up to Bessvetne and alongside Bessvatne to the right. After 7km you reach Bandet, which is the narrowest trail through Gjende and Bessvatne. From here you enter the trail from Memurubu and start your ascension to Besseggen. When you have hiked all the way up Besseggen you reach its highest point, Veslfjellet 1743 MASL. Ashort while after the trail divides, and you walk down to the left towards Bessvassosen. From here you cross the bridge across the river Bessa and walk down to Bessheim.

The journey across Besseggen became known because Henrik Ibsen wrote about “Gjendin-eggen” in his play about Peer Gynt. Besseggen with Bessheim as a starting point has a history that is older than the Gjendeboat (1906) and today route between Memurubu and Gjedesheim. The gusts were taken by rowboat from Bessvassosen to Bandet and the journey lead across Besseggen and Veslefjellet, then down to Bessvatne and back here. The cairn trail from Memurubu to Bessheim was actually the first route marked by the DNT, in 1874.


The Gjendeboat has a route between Gjendeheim, Memurubu and Gjendebu.

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