Walking: This is a fairly demanding hike, that starts from Bessheim. You will climb 1300 high-altitude meters, and most people use 7-8 hours up and down. Maybe even more. You start with walking to Bessvatnet(lake), and continue walking by the lake until you reach the river called Gjrotåe. Then you follow the river upstream. The nature around you quickly changes from gras and moss, to a more rocky environment. Small cairns are placed alongside the path. After a while you will reach ‘Brua’, with the ice glacier Bessbreen on one side, and a steep mountain side on the other. From here on, navigation is no problem, just continue straight ahead to the top. Once at the top, you will get rewarded with a fantastic view over entire Jotunheimen! You will even see those who walks across Besseggen from the top.

Besshø is the most history rich of them all to Bessheim. For more than a hundred years ago, hikes were arranged to Besshø to experience the sunrise. The drink kongepjolter was served, along with champagne and cognac while the sun was rising. During this time era, they used a rowing boat across Bessvatnet(lake), and the ascension started at Grjotåa, to Brua, and then straight for the top, where todays summertrail is. Besshø is also the first leg for the Jotunheimen Haute Route, a long and demanding hike that stretches across multiple mountains that are 2000 MASL, until the end at Krossbu.

Ski:To Bessvatnet(lake) by the marked trail. Continue straight through the gorge to the right of Bessheimrundhø. Take a left, and continue in the rising terrain behind Bukkehø, and across the marked moraine. Take a right at the moraine to hold the required altitude onto the glacier. Hold to the left while entering the glacier, as you cross diagonally to a small trail. From here on out, take the steep sloap to the top. Using your skis to the top is usually the best option. Be careful when descending from the mountain, as steep slopes are everywhere. 7-8 hours, depending on the weather and how trained you are. We advise our guests to stay away from the summer trail to Besshø, as the area is prone to danger from avalanches.