See Tjønnholstinden. From the top of Høgdebrotet, turn south and walk the broad
slope down to Steinflya and back to the trail and the car. If you want to make the trip easier you
choose this way up also.

Høgdebrotet is an easily accessible 2000+ MASL-top. Starting point is 8.7 km from Bessheim towards
Valdresflya, on a straight stretch of the road where you see the valley flat to the right from the car.
Across the valley where Leirungsåa river flows in the bottom. Up to Steinflya – there is a steep hill up
before the terrain evens out a little and leads to the top ridge. A broad slope leads straight to the top
with a great view. The journey back is quite easy, but on warm spring trips the snow conditions may
break, and the river might be a challenge.

For experience mountaineers there is a possibility to continue to Steinflytinden.
Along the valley Leirungsdalen there are many other exiting destinations, that demand a lot of your
experience and stamina. On skis they are most easily accessible in the spring, as the snow settles,
and you get faster conditions. Always research the avalanche-situation.

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