By foot:

Bukkehammaren-kvassryggen-Høgdebrotet-Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden is a round trip which requires good stamina, good summer weather and a long day. Start the hike from the parking lot in Vargebakken. Follow the trail towards upper Leirungen that passes next to gjæterhytta and cross Leirungsåa on the bridge. Follow the rige up to Bukkehammartjernet and onwards to the right of the tarn to the top, there you find a splendid view towards Sjodalen and inntwords Gjende. Continue following the ridge over Kvassryggen and up to Høgdebrotet. It is important to use caution in certain areas, but it shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s dry. The journey onwards towards Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden is also fine so long as it´s dry, but be aware that there may be ice/snow even in the summer. The journey back goes down Steinflya and towards the bridge over Leirungåa and to your car.

By ski:

Høgdebrotet is an easily accessible 2000-top. The easiest starting point is from Valdresflyvegen road by the county border between Vågå and Øystre Slidre. Over the valley where Leirungsåa river flows in the bottom and up Steinflya, there is a steep hill up before the terrain evens out a little and leads to the top ridge. A brysk hill leads straight to the top with a great view. The journey back is quite easy, but on warm spring trips the snow conditions may break and the river might be a challenge.

Steinflytinden is the closest neighbor to Høgdbrotet, often the snow conditions allow for you to go straight up from here. With the same starting point from the road the journey to Steinflytinden also up Steinflya which evens out before a steep upwards ridge leads straight to the top.

Leirungsdalen valley has many exciting journeys to offer, and are most easily accessible during the late winter and early spring. From here it is somewhat far to the target destinations. A portion of tops are alpine and require skill. Others are easy to walk for enthusiastic skiers. It is always important to the the landslide risk into consideration. During the spring the snow has usually settled, and the risk is minimized. But always consider the landslide risk and adapt yourself accordingly and watch out for snow scales.