Surtningssue lies 2368 MASL and the starting point is Memurubu Tourist Cabin by Gjende. Take the
trail across Raudhamran or choose to start lighter by walking into Memurudalen and meet the same
trail later – see on the map and make sure you understand the difference. The trail is good, and if you
suffer from vertigo this will be a favourite, as there are no parts of the trip that are very exposed. A
long and demanding trip – expect to spend eight to twelve hours and to be rewarded with one of the
best views in Jotunheimen!

You can spend the night at Memurubu and ski from there. Should Memurubu be closed you may
start from Gjendeosen and ski across the ice to Memurubu and reach the top within a day – enquire
the locals about the ice-conditions! This requires you to have good stamina and be a trained skier.