Synshorn Via Ferrata

Synshorn lies between the lakes Bygdin and Vinstrevatn. Experienced guides take you safe and sound
up the steep mountainside and along small ledges to the top of Synshorn. Via Ferratas were built by
Austrian troops in the Dolomites during WW1 in order to get fast and safe access to hard to get
places. The modern variety of Via Ferrata is a facilitated route with bolted security measures such as
steel wires and steel hoops. This makes it possible for people without climbing experience to access a
near vertical mountain wall.

Synshorn Via Ferrata elevates you 400 meters from the county road. The hike takes 3-4 hours. It is a
lively, yet safe adventurous hike in the mountain wall, without any prior knowledge needed.

Synshorn Via Ferrata is open for guided tours from June till September, depending on the weather.
Trips can be arranged outside of the predetermined program for larger groups.

For more information and sign up see: (legg inn link!)

Climbing harnesses and helmets will be provided by the guides. At Synshorn via Ferrata you must be
14 years old or above, and all hikes require guides. Show up 15 minutes before start.

Where to go on Google Maps:'50.9%22N+8%C2%B047'40.8%22E/@61.3307986,