By foot:

Bukkhammaren-Kvassryggen-høgdebrotet-Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden is a round trip which requires good stamina, good summer weather and a long day. Start the hike from the parking lot at Vargebakken. Follow the trail up towards upper Leirungen which passes next to gjæterhytta/hurder cabin and cross Leirungsåa bridge. Follow the ridge to the right up to Bukkehammertjernet then onwards to the right of tjærnet/the tarn to the top. There you will find yourself with a splendid of Sjodalen and intowards Gjende. Follow the ridge onwards across Kvassryggen and up to Høgdebrotet. It is paramount to use caution in certain areas here, but you can rest easy as long as the mountain is dry and it does not rain. The hike onwards towards Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden are clear of mountain water in dry conditions, but be aware that there maybe ice or snow even in the summer months. The journey back leads down Steinflya and towards the bridge across Leirungsåa to your car.

Leirungskampen Lies furthest to the west of Leirungsdalen/Leirungs valley and the hike leads through light elevating terrain with Leirungstindane on one side and Kalvehøgdene on the other. During the summer it is beneficial to park by Heimdalsmunnen and walk down across Raudhammaren, during the winter you can start the hike a bit further down, approximately next to the county border. There are too great fishing tarns/ponds in the area these are great hike destinations on warm summer days for eager rod fishers. Start the top hike from the ridge of the innermost tarn/pond. Here as like some other spots it is wise to bring crampons for safety. There is a great view from the top of the massive alpine mountain on the other side of Svartedalen. Leirungskampen actually belongs to Kalvehøgdryggen, but for most people these tops are difficult to gain access to from that side.

By ski:

Tjønnholstinden is a majestic mountain. A lot of people walk the refreshing passage between Steinflytinden and the mountain tops. It is important to fare safely and know the snow condition as well as your own competence. A safer access point to Tjønnholstinden is to stray to the south and find a (chute?) which goes up a slightly west of the top. Alternatively there is a route a bit further into Leirungsdalen and up Tjønnholsaksla.

Leirungsdalen has many exciting hikes to offer . the mountain tops are most easily accessible during the late winter and early spring. Its partially long hikes to the hiking destinations. A portion of these mountains are alpine and require high skill, others are easy for eager skiers. It is always difficult to predict the landslide danger. In the spring the snow has usually settled, therefore the risk is lower. Do be aware of smaller snowdrifts.