Bukkhammaren-Kvassryggen-Høgdebrotet-Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden is a round trip which
requires good stamina, good summer weather and a long day. Much of the day will be spent in quite
alpine conditions, leave your vertigo at home.

Starting point for this hike is the half circle – shaped parking lot in Vargebakkane, 6.7 km from
Bessheim towards Valdresflya. Follow the trail up towards the lake Upper Leirungen, which crosses
the bridge across the river Leirungsåa. Follow the ridge to the right up to the lake /tarn
Bukkehammertjernet – your map might spell it slightly different, but it should be marked by its
altitude of 1594 MASL. Onwards to the right of the lake to the top of Bukkehåmåren at 1910 MASL.
There you will find yourself with a splendid view of Sjodalen and towards Gjende. Follow the ridge
onwards across Kvassryggen – meaning “The sharp edge” – and up to Høgdebrotet, with an altitude
of 2276 MASL. Kvassryggen requires your full attention and caution, but as long as the mountain is
dry you will be fine. The hike onwards to Steinflytinden/Tjønnholstinden goes on the ridge
westwards from Høgdebrotet. The ridge turns south-westwards and onto Steinflytinden. Be aware
that this ridge can be icy and/or snowy late into the summer. Go on top of Tjønnholstinden, one of
the more alpine and spectacular peaks in our area! The journey down goes down Steinflya and
towards the bridge across Leirungsåa to your car.

Starting point is Heimdalsmunnen, 10.2 km from Bessheim towards Valdresflya. On skis we
recommend that you take the route into Leirungsdalen, up to the peak Tjønnholsoksle at 2145 MASL,
down on the other side and from there up directly to Tjønnholstind. Don’t continue to Steinflytind.
Same way back to the car.

Vargebakken on Google Maps: <,8.8057366,1995m/data=

Heimdalsmunnen at Google Maps: <'58.3%22N+8%C2%B048'13.7%22E/@61.4328735,