By foot:

You hike the T-marked route from Bessheim (967 MASL) up to Bessvatnet/The Bess lake. (1373 MASL ). When you arrive at the top you see a little peak to the east. This is Besstrondrundhø. (1421 MASL) There’s a trail here, but it is unmarked. You hike past some tarns/ponds which are suitable for a swim. This is a hike that takes about 3-4 hours up and down, and there’s an excellent view from here due to the fact that the top towers more or less alone.

By ski:

Same route as in the summer. There’s a twigged trail up to Bessvatn/Th Bess Lake and onwards to Glitterheim during the time around easter. You get of the twigged trail between Bessvassosen and where in starts to lead downwards again towards Russvatn/The Russ Lake. then you walk to Besstrondrundhø from here.