Glittertind and the Glacier trip

Many who come to Jotunheimen want to experience the three most famous hikes: Besseggen, Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind. You can stay here at Bessheim and visit all three, should you wish to drive a short distance to the starting point.

For the Glittertind hike you drive 30 km northwards, to Randsverk. From here you take a left towards Glitterheim and keep following the dirt road 27 km until you reach a barrier. Here you will find a parking lot where you must park your car. Now you find yourself by the border to Jotunheimen National park. There is a dirt road towards Glitterheim, which is not open for the public to drive on.

You can either walk the 7 km into Glittertind or you can rent a bike by the barrier. From Glitterheim and up to Glittertind most people spend 3 hours. Same route back. The entire route is well marked. Another alternative is to walk from Bessheim to Glitterheim along the T-marked route, spend the night there, and hike Glittertind the day after.

Parking lot of Glitterheim on Google Maps:,8.717357,265m/data=!3m1!1e3


Only the most athletic ski all the way from Bessheim and up to Glittertind and back all in one day – this is a trip for the trained and prepared. Follow the marked trail from Bessheim to Glitterheim and from there to the top. This is a long and beautiful trip.

«Glacier trip» was an annual Easter tradition from Bessheim in past years. This is a 12-hour long hike, over 50 km and its highest peak over 2000 MASL. From Bessheim to Bessvatnet / Bess lake, down to and across Russvatnet / Russ lake, across Blåtjønnholet, up Styggehøbreen to the highest point of the trip, down Eastern Memurubre and Memurudalen to Memurbu, across Gjende and Gjendehalsen to Bessheim. We greet you with champagne on the staircase when you return! We usually organize this as a guided tip during Easter.

Glitterheim parking