Leirungskampen, with an altitude of 2079 MASL, lies in the western end of the valley Leirungsdalen,
on the south side of the valley. Starting point is Heimdalsmunnen, 10.2 km from Bessheim towards
Valdresflya. Walk west in the landscape, over Raudhammaren (might be spelled Raudhamran, peaks
at 1437 MASL). Continue west and slightly south into Leirungsdalen. Pass the lake at 1578 MASL on
the right-hand side and the one at 1678 MASL on the left. You are now on the top of a steep slope
going down into Svartdalen – “the Black valley”. Instead of going down you take a sharp left, turning
south-east and up the ridge to the top. Bring crampons for safety on this ridge. Same way back. From
the top you have a splendid view, especially westwards to the alpine peaks on the other side of
Svartdalen. By the trail in the valley you walk past two great fishing tarns/ponds which are great
destinations on warm summer days for eager rod fishers. Continuing onwards from the peak to
Vestre Kalvehøgde is possible but not recommended without experience in climbing.


Starting point is 8. 7 km from Bessheim towards Valdresflya, on a straight stretch of the road where
you see the valley flat to the right from the car. By starting here, you trade some meters horizontally
for some vertically. Same route as in summer. Bring crampons and other safety equipment for the
high mountains. Be aware of risk of avalanches, and bring necessary safety equipment.

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