The trail starts at Bessheim, leading you up the slope behind the buildings. The path is well marked
and heavily used. It is steep at places but never difficult. After ascending 400 vertical meters you
reach the lake Bessvatnet, at 1373 MASL. An adult walk up in one hour.

At Bessvatnet you get a splendid view both of Besshø and Sjodalen. The border of Jotunheimen
National Park runs close to the shore of the lake when you come from Bessheim. The hike itself is
beautiful, at times going close to the wild river Bessa. Halfway you can find places near, but not in,
the river that are perfect for bathing on warm summer days.

See also the description of roundtrip to Bessvatn and Gjende (legg inn link!)

Follow to the marked trail from Bessheim towards Glitterheim.