Ice Fishing

Here in Sjodalen the winters are long, and the lakes are covered in ice long into the spring. April is
actually the best month for ice fishing: the weather is warmer than earlier in the winter; the days are
longer, and the sun is usually shining. If the weather is nice it’s comfortable and exciting to go ice
fishing! You will catch mountain trout, a beautiful and delicious fish. Their size peeks at one kilo. This
is a great activity suitable for people of all age groups, and you don’t have to be an athlete to go ice

Ask us for recommended spots to go fishing!

Packing list:
 A drill to get through the ice.
 Fishing rod + fishing lines + hooks
 Ladle – a big spoon to remove small bits of ice from the whole.
 Knife
 A bag for the fish
 Maggots for bait – smell horrible, but the fish think otherwise
 Sitting pad
 Warm clothing
 Food and beverages