It is not unusual to include Besseggen, Galdhøpiggen and/or Glittertinden in the same trip to
Jotunheimen. Many guests stay at Bessheim for several days, and spend their days walking these

It takes 2 hours (105 km) to drive from Bessheim to Juvasshytta / Juvass Cabin or to Spiterstulen. You
drive via Randsverk and central Lom. The last part to Juvasshytta is a private toll road that takes you
from 550 MASL to 1840 MASL.

Juvasshytta / Juvass cabin lies 1840 MASL. From here you can go in a group with a guide – you should
order your spot in advance and have an appointment. Do not try on your own if you are not an
experienced glacier hiker, and never alone. In the group you are roped together, and the guide takes
you across the glacier. After the glacier you walk to the top at 2469 MASL and return across the
glacier. See for more information and making your appointment.

From Spiterstulen you start from 1100 MASL height. From here you may walk on your own, because
on this hike there is no glacier to cross.

A trip for trained mountaineers

You can ski up to Galdhøpiggen from Juvasshytta, 1840 MASL. The private toll road opens around
May 10 th , but winter wheels or even chains are recommended here early in the season. Feel free to
make a call ahead to acquire information about the road conditions here.

From Juvasshytta to the top you spend approximately two – two and a half hours. Depending on
conditions you might have to take off the skies and hike the last part to the top. This is the most
demanding part of the hike, but the conditions are usually nice this time of year. Bring and use
gaiters is a top tip!

Should you wish to hike before the toll road opens, you must take the route from Raubergstulen
1100MASL. Estimate two – three hours extra travel time should you choose this alternative before
the road opens.

Beware: The route is unmarked! Remember to bring a map and compass, the weather may change
extremely suddenly up on the high mountain.