This is the ridge between Bessheim and the lake Gjende. From Bessheim you follow the road the first part in order to cross the bridge over river Bessa. From there you find a T-marked trail that leads upwards. At the highest peak you get a splendid view into Gjende, and you can walk down to Gjendesheim. It takes approximately one hour to hike from Bessheim to Gjendesheim. The area has a rich flora, in August blooms Saxifrage cotyledon.

At Gjendeosen during the summer months it’s lively from early morning till late in the evening. Here you find yourself by the border to Jotunheimen National park and Gjendebåten/The Gjende ferry is active in Gjende. Gjendeosen Kiosk and Gjendesheim tourist cabins have cafés with great view of the National park.


There are skiing slopes from Bessheim across Gjendehalsen from February until Easter. See www.skisporet.no