By foot:

There is a T-marked route from Besseggen Mountain park to Maurvangen and all the way up to Sikkildalshø 1778 MASL. The trial starts at the camping lot leads obliquely through Hoskelia up towards Sikkilsdalsskaret. Here you’ll find a crossing where one path leads towards upper Sikkilsdalvatne/Sikkilsdals lake and the other leads up towards Sikkilsdalshø. There’s quite a view from the top. Its pretty steep down through the forest on the west side of Skålbekken to Sikkilsdalsseter mountain pasture.

By ski:

The starting point in the winter is Bessheim, you cross over upper Sjodalensvatn/Sjodals lake and hike up Hoskalia up to the top.

Sikkildalsporten is the hike for all skiing tourists. Across upper Sjodalen and straight up to the crust which leads out to Sikkilsdalen. It was from here the pioneers saw Sjodalen in the infancy of tourism when the railroads had reached Vinstra and journeyed up Skåbu to experience Sjodalen and Gjende.